Since 1972, Maintenance of Houston has provided a full range of exceptional building services to the greater Houston area. By providing exceptional janitorial service with highly experienced and trained cleaning professionals , Maintenance of Houston has an unmatched approach to ensuring the maintenance of your building. We know that a clean environment is an important image for your business; therefore we are committed to using environmentally friendly products available. We pride ourselves on  providing dependable, high quality, customer-focused building services and facility management with years of experience. let us ensure a clean and healthy environment for you and all who enter your establishment.

Why MHI ?

Maintenance of Houston has consistently answered to the many challenges faced by facility managers concerning the cleanliness of their building.  Our hands-on approach has allowed us to deliver a high-quality service for over forty years.

Our Value

For over three decades the Maintenance of Houston family continues to successfully provide each client  with years of experience and knowledge  in building  services and facility management. This expertise includes flawless transitioning, focused operations and training, environmentally friendly products, custom made services to your specific needs and outstanding customer service.

Our commitment

At Maintenance of Houston we commit to provide you with  high quality customer service, attention to detail, and employee safety and training. Let us combine our years of experience and unmatched customer service, to ensure the beauty of your building is properly maintained.